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Service & Repaircenter

Conveniently located at Flemington, NJ, PINTSCH BUBENZER USA LLC offers you a full spectrum of world-class services


Staff Training

Designed to help you prevent minor problems from becoming major headaches, our hands-on staff training sessions will help your maintenance staff to understand all they need to know about getting the best performance out of PINTSCH BUBENZER braking systems. Please ask about scheduling a training session for your staff.

3 day training sessions cover the aspects that are important for your maintenance staff:

  • Brakes and couplings: theory and calculation
  • Working principles
  • Commissioning of brakes
  • Maintenance of brakes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Detection and prevention of typical problemsThe sessions include solid basic classroom training, with additional time reserved for practical hands-on training with the actual brakes and couplings in our service center.

Service & Repaircenter

The Commitment you need now and for the Future

Conveniently located at Flemington, NJ, PINTSCH BUBENZER USA LLC offers you a full spectrum of world-class services that embrace everything from initial commissioning, right through to after sales services and training. Staffed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable specialists, PINTSCH BUBENZER USA LLC is 100% committed to providing the quality service, guaranteed genuine parts availability, quick turn around time and competitive pricing structures your company needs to succeed now and for the future.

Laser Alignment

If your cranes are experiencing substantial coupling problems after even short periods of operation, it is almost certainly due to the fact that your motor coupling and gearbox are out of alignment. Our professional laser alignment service will solve the problem quickly and cost- effectively, ensuring that your drive systems operate properly and safely.

Eldro Repair

Trusting the repair of your Eldro thrusters to unqualified technicians using non-EMG parts will cut the operational effiency and shorten the working life of your brakes.

Come to us! PBUSA is the exclusive EMG Eldro repair center for North America.Staffed by EMG- certified repair technicians,and using only genuine EMG parts, our dedicated ELDRO workshop will give your thrusters a new lease on life. And that’s a commitment we back with a one year warranty on repaired thrusters.

Brake Rebuild & Repair

Another special service for North American PINTSCH BUBENZER brake owners – complete brake rebuild and repair is now available. Using authentic PINTSCH BUBENZER parts, our factory- trained technicians will restore your used brakes to like-new condition, with a one year warranty to your peace of mind.


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