PINTSCH BUBENZER is the result of a strategic realignment of the drive technology corporate area of PINTSCH BAMAG Antriebs- und Verkehrstechnik GmbH, Dinslaken. In July, 2007 the subsidiary of Schaltbau Holding AG, Munich acquired the firm of BUBENZER BREMSEN – with its headquarters in the town of Kirchen-Wehbach in the Siegerland area of Germany – together with its subsidiaries in the U.S.A. and Malaysia.

PINTSCH BAMAG and BUBENZER BREMSEN define themselves as innovators as well as manufacturers with the highest quality standards. This self-assurance is based on a long and successful tradition which started with BUBENZER BREMSEN in 1958 and which with PINTSCH BAMAG can be traced back to 1843 or, respectively, 1870.

The merger of successful brake manufacturers PINTSCH BAMAG and BUBENZER BREMSEN into PINTSCH BUBENZER GmbH has resulted in a full-line, high quality braking systems supplier which is well-positioned to service the container handling, shipbuilding, offshore, mining, steel and wind industries world-wide. The production facilities complement each other, and are supported by synergies in research and development capabilities. Additional synergies in the areas of installation, sales and service will help to strengthen PINTSCH BUBENZER’s competitive position.

In 1999, BUBENZER BREMSEN America LLC was established as the first satellite of BUBENZER BREMSEN. It was founded with a two sales offices approach: one on the East coast, the other on the West coast. An extensive representative network was established, and two spare part distributors were appointed.

In response to increased business and rapid market changes, BUBENZER BREMSEN America LLC had decided to expand the main office and warehouse in Flemington, NJ to better do serve customers with faster professional technical support ”Made in the USA“.

In 2008, the name was changed into PINTSCH BUBENZER USA LLC due to the shareholder change of the German based headquarters.

As of today, the PINTSCH BUBENZER USA LLC team offers repair, training and field services in addition to spare parts and braking system sales.